Wasvar Power Capacitor

Foshan Wasvar Electronics Co., Ltd with over 12 years of experience in Power Capacitors manufacturing, designing and developing, we offer a wide range of Power Capacitors with different capacitor packaging styles and electrical connection options to suit your need.The company has strong technical force, introduction Switzerland, Italy, Taiwan and other domestic and foreign advanced equipments and technology, high-quality engineering and technical services team, strict quality control and safety standards; After repeated technical proves and tests, in accordance with National ISO Standards and International IEC standards for our customers to produce quality department of Wasvar brand BKMJ, AKMJ, HBKA power capacitors,filter capacitor, reactive compensation capacitor.

We insist on professional service, No.1 quality and provide customers with energy saving and environment protection products.
We are ready to provide customers with the special requirements and high quality products.
We offer a wide range o
capacitor package styles and terminal types for your design and application requirements.
All our Power Film Capacitors are MKP (Metallised polypropylene film) design and Dry design.

For the advantage of Iron casing with spray painting Enclosure and Dry Capacitors,Please click here.

The Awards we gained: 
New products of Guangdong Province in 1990 
Golden Prize of New Technology of China in 1994 
New High Technology Enterprise by Guangdong Science & Technology Committee in 1996 
Electric Power Saving Products in 1996 
Key New Products of Guangdong Province in 1997 
Certificate of Conformity Certification of Electrical Equipment in 1999

Our Capacitors.

/Power Capacitors

Low Voltage Capacitor,Cylindrical

Low Voltage Capacitor,Box/Square 

Low Voltage Capacitor,Oval

Low Voltage Capacitor,Pole Mounting

Smart Low Voltage power Capacitor


1.Metalized polypropylene film capacitor
2.Self healing, internal over voltage protective device
3.Dry structure: with special filling and independent structure
4.Highly compact sealed

What makes our products special?

1.Imported Switzerland winding machine METAR): It is the first class winding machine in the world. It guarantees the high quality of the capacitor core products.

2.Imported Italian metal spray machine(METCO): It is controlled by computer and works in a dustless workshop. It makes the spaying well proportionally and gradually.

3.The enabling machine and automatic seaming & grooving machine are also imported from Italy.

4.Qualified employees: We have professional engineering teams. They are in charge of product development, product design, production control, quality control, machine maintenance and technical support.

5.After-sales service: we have sales department both for domestic market and overseas market. We are always responsible for the products we sold.

6.Technical support: our engineer will support the customers for the products from the beginning. We will design the capacitor according to the demands of customers. We will supply technical services during the installation and maintenance.

Contact Information :
Company :Foshan Wasvar Electronics Co.,Ltd
TEL: (+86)-757-28373603
FAX: (+86)-757-28370869
Website:   http://fengshangfeng.com
Website:   (Chinese)
Website on alibaba.com: 

Address: Room 701,Block 7,Tianfulai industrial Zone NO.2,Ronggui,Shunde district,Foshan city,Guangdong province,China

Post Code: 528305


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