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    Application and construction

    qq红包扫雷软件试用版下载 capacitors are intended for the improvement of power factor in low voltage power networks. used mkp technology consists of metallized pp film with extremely low loss factor. the dielectric system is self-healing and has no liquid impregnant.

    the capacitors have overpressure protection to disconnect it from the supply in the event of internal failure and at the end of its operational life.

    The construction described above and the use of high quality materials ensure reliability and longevity.

    Technical data
    BKMJ Series Power Capacitor-power factor corrention
    Rated Voltage Range From 220-1000VAC
    Capacitor Connection 3 phase (1 phase on request)
    Capacitor Frequency 50Hz/60 Hz
    Capacitor Power Range 5- 120 KVAR
    Dielectric Metalized polypropylene film with self healing
    Discharge Device Internal discharge device
    Discharge Resistors Capacitors are designed to discharge the residual voltage to 75 volts or less within three(3) minutes after disconnection from the power supply in accordance to IEC60831.
    Tolerance -5%~+5%
    Maximum Ambient Temperature  -25 °C~50°C  (Other temperature range on request)
      Average temperature within 24 hours below 40°C&average
      temperature with a year below 30°C
    Max. Relative Humidity ≤90%  
    Max. Altitude ≤2000m (Other altitude on request)
    Over Voltage Tolerance 1.1  Vn  (up to 8 h daily)
    1.15 Vn  (up to 30 min daily)
    1.2 Vn (up to 5 min 200times)
    1.3 Vn  (up to 1 min 200times)
    Over Current Tolerance 1.3 In
    Max. Inrush Current 200 In
    Dielectric Loss ≤0.2 Watt / KVAR
    Capacitor Loss ≤1 Watt / KVAR
    Voltage Test Between terminals: 2.15 Vn for 10 seconds.
    Between terminals and case:  3000VAC for 1 minute
    Safety System Internal over pressure protection device with overload and failure protection.
    Capacitor Case Material Aluminum
    Execution Indoor, minimum distance between units  : 50mm
    Fixing Two mounting feet
    Mounting position Upright
    Standard IEC60831 / GBT12747/ ISO9001:2008


    Working conditions:

     1.Power capacitor should confirm left voltage reduce to rated voltage 10% to input again after the power was cut off ,normally it will need 200s almost. so it would choose the power controller which has input and reput lock time function after cut off the power. If choose normally power controller, it must install speediness discharge power equipment .it would not limited which use adopting same electric factor input and chip switch.

    2. Altitude level is not more than 2000m.

    3. Temperature type: -25/C low temperature, highest temperature is C type (it would not more than 50 the average of temperature is not more than 40 within 24 hours, one year average of temperature is not more than 30 ),power capacitor will work within good ventilate condition. It would not permit within sealing and installation condition


    1. Low loss, good self-healing performance, low temperature rise, longer life;

    2. Adopted the most advanced manufacturing process, enhance dielectric resistance, lowest capacity loss, maintain excellent and stable electrical performance althought move in a long time;

    3. Heat dispersion is superior to other materials;

    4. Brass bolt terminal design in reason, avoid short-circuit, terminal lead connection is well;

    5. Leakproof structure, build-in security protector, a unique sequential protection system ensure safety of using;

    6. Build-in discharge resistor, voltage will drop below 50v within 3min after power off;

    7. Dry model

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