• Smart Low voltage power capacitor


    Low voltage intelligent power capacitor is used in low voltage distribution network, such as construction, industrial construction, city power grids, rural power grids, etc. Its can stable voltage, reduce the line loss, improve power factor and energy conservation. Changed the traditional reactive compensation device which is bulky and heavy structural model, and so more cost savings, easy to maintain.

    (1)   Environment condition                                                 (2) Protection deviation

           Ambient temperature: -35~65°C (-25~45°C )                         Voltage: ≤0.5%

           Relative humidity: 40°C ,20-90%                                            Current: ≤1.0%

           Atmospheric pressure: 79.5~106.0Kpa                                  Temperature: ±1°C

                                                                                                          Time: ±0.01s
    (3) Power condition                                                              (4) parameters                 

         Rated voltage: ~200V or ~380V                                               Deviation:The minimum capacity of 75%

         Allowable tolerance: ±20%                                                       Time of capacitor switch:10s              

         Voltage waveform: The sine wave,                                           Capacity: one (20+20)kvar 

         the total rate is not more than 5%                                             more≤24pcs

         Frequency: 48.5~51.5Hz                                                                              

         Power dissipation: <0.5w(cut off capacitor)                

                                    <1w(input capacitor)

    (5) Safety requirements                                                       (6)Reliability parameters

          Meet “the use of technical conditions                                     Control accuracy: 100%

          DL/T842-2003 low voltage Shunt                                           Allowed number of switch:1million times

          capacitor device ”                                                                   Capacitor run time decay rate: ≤0.1%/10000

                                                                                                         Fault rate annual: 0.1%  
    (7)Measurement deviation                                     

    Voltage: ≤0.5%(during 80%~120% of rated voltage)

    Current: ≤1.0%(during5%~20% of rated current)

                      ≤0.5%(during20%~120% of rated current)

    Power factor: ±0.01


    Name Structure Capacitance (KVAR) Type Dimension(mm)L*W*H
    Intelligent power capacitor Three phase (triangle) 15*1 HZC- (triangle) /15-1 350*110*300
    20*1 HZC- (triangle) /20-1 350*110*300
    30*1 HZC- (triangle) /30-1 350*110*300
    40*1 HZC- (triangle) /40-1 350*110*300
    7.5*2 HZC- (triangle) /15-2 350*110*340
    10*2 HZC- (triangle) /20-2 350*110*300
    15*2 HZC- (triangle) /30-2 350*110*300
    20*2 HZC- (triangle) /40-2 350*110*340
    Intelligent power capacitor Single phase Y 3.3*3 HZC-Y/10 350*110*300
    5*3 HZC-Y/15 350*110*300
    6.67*3 HZC-Y/20 350*110*300
    8.33*3 HZC-Y/25 350*110*340
    Special requirement can be made at the request of customers.  


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