• Power Factor Controller
      The PF Controller is one of the most important components of the PF Correction equipment. As such, it plays a key role in the control and monitoring of the power quality.
      1.A low power LCD Chinese display, real-time monitoring of grid-related parameters, set the parameters, work status.
      2.Sample quantities for reactive power, without switching oscillation and without compensation to stay the district.
      3.With manual switching and automatic switching of two operation modes.
      4.The logic switching manner, each capacity is free to set.
      (1)Operating parameters: power factor, voltage, active/reactive power, voltage total harmonic distortion, capacitor switching status and failure alerts.
      (2)Set parameters: current ratio, over voltage protection, harmonic set, cast/cut delay, investment/cut limit, set the parameters of the encoding, capacitance large ones, capacitance, automatic memory parameter, non-volatile.
      2.The output can adapt switching components of the thyristor switches, composite switch, composite contactors, AC contactors or vacuum contactors, each DC12V, 60Ma or AC220V/5A.
      (1)With self-test reversion and automatic reset function.
      (2)Under voltage, over voltage protection function.
      (3)With a harmonic gauge protection function.
      (4)When a grid failure or a parameter overrun, alarm indicator flashes, indicationg an over voltage. Under voltage or a parameter gauge.
      4.485communication port
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