• AC Composite Contactor

    Specifications AC composite contactor , capacitor switching AC contactors, which is a new generation of high-performance. 

    A.  Feature
    Unique leading core patented technology, dual trigger no inrush current and arc device, contacts bridged structure, thyristor short time to reach the theoretical limit, compared with the commonly used compound switch, drying abilitymore of the anti-harmonic, higher operating frequency, power and longer life, higher reliability, with the overload by the current of 3000A IOS expected paragraphs.
    Voltage zero switched,current zero off,non making and breaking operation over-voltage,non arc explosion-proof,non surge current,without the reactor,the zero-power harmonic pollution, can effectively improve the reliability electric life of the compensation capacitor; contactor contact sintering, the contact resistance low and stable,long service life.
    Electrical pulse transistor-start circuit, energy-saving DC coils, burning coils, and integrate the ordinary electromagnetic coil to maintain the high operating frequency,high reliability and DC maintain structure of the ultra-low to keep energy consumption.
    Capacitor residual voltage detection technology to ensure 100% three phases inrush current non-operating over-voltage synchronous input, any wrong operation will not switch and capacitor damage caused.
    The cover is removable to facilitate the observation of the main contact usage. compatibility is good, can directly replace the capacitor contactors, composite switch, thyristor switched switch.
    Industrial grade circuit, high speed microprocessors, optical isolation, without the standby power on reset design, anti-jamming good, board insulation resin infusion processing, high reliability, the electrical life of more than 100,000 hours.

    B.  Working principle
    Contactor connected to the work process, the thyristor conduct at both end of voltage over zero, and mechanical contact is closed, so as to achieve the switched capacitor surge current purpose; in the process of contact breaking, thyristor conduction when a certain potential difference at both ends of the mechanical contact, and mechanical contact of the contactor breaking the instantaneous current thyristor bypass to reach the purpose of breaking the arc of. 
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