• DWJ series pole mounting low voltage power capacitor
      Dwj series capacitor in a cylindrical aluminum can was designed for power factor correction of pole/outdoor mounting in AC low voltage power system. The DWJ series capacitor available in the range from 5 to 30 kvar up to 1000V,loads like pole/outdoor power transformers,outdoor power lines etc. The benefits of PFC are saving energy and reduce carbon dioxide emission. These capacitors are used in electrical applications of outdoor areas such as mounting on poles or pylons for aerial cables. Our range is made using finest quality material coupled with advanced technology to ensure superior quality products to the clients. Further, we are able to meet the bulk and urgent product requirements of our clients and can design these capacitors to suit the specific needs of industrial applications. These capacitors can also withstand ultraviolet radiation and adverse weather conditions.
      Features :
      Efficient power factor correction
      Reduced current & voltage loss
      Reduction of equipment maintenance cost
      Environmental friendly.

      · Pole mounting, i.e. outdoor installation, connected to low-voltage overhead lines and mounted onto the poles of the overhead line.
      · Fixed PFC of an individual load, indoor as well as outdoor, specially in applications with high dust or moisture concentration
      · Automatic PFC systems
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