Power Factor Correction Capacitor(PFC)-L.V.Power Capacitors

Rated voltage:(V)
Rated frequency:(hz)
Dielectric strength:(V)
The power consumption:(W)
Product certification:

  • Power Factor Correction Capacitor(PFC)
    ABB Low-Voltage Network Quality,Power Factor Correction Capacitors- Save Money & Boost Power

    Understanding power factor correction is the first step towards securing power factor energy savings. Power factor correction is a means of providing compensation to more efficiently use your power. By choosing NHP’s range of Power factor correction products, your benefits will include:
             ●  Less ‘Apparent Power’ draw (kVA)
             ●  Potential electricity bill savings
             ●  Freeing up of transformer capacity

     Power Factor Correction Capacitor Bank Data


    IEC60831 ,GB/T12747-2004

    ISO approval

    Rated Voltage Range

    ISO 9001 certified(2008)

    From 220-1000 VAC


    3 phase (1 phase on request)


    50/60 Hz.

    Power Range

    5-100 kvar


    Metalized polypropylene film with self healing


    IP 42 (IP 54 on request)

    Discharge Resistors

    Built in automatic discharge resistors included, less than 75V within 3 minutes after de-energizing the capacitor



    Ambient Temperature

     -25 °C--50°C  (Other temperature range on request)

     Average temperature within 24 hours below 40°C&average

    temperature with a year below 30°C

    Max. Relative Humidity


    Maximum permissible Current

    130%of rated current

    Max. Altitude

    ≤2000m (Other altitude on request

    Over Voltage Tolerance

    1.1   UN  (8 hours max. in every 24 hours)

    1.15 UN  (30 minutes in every 24 hours)

    1.2 UN  (5 minutes in every 24 hours)

    1.3 UN  (1 minutes in every 24 hours)

    Over Current  Tolerance

    Dissipation factor of capacitor

    30% permanently

    Less than 0.1%or 1W/KVAR

    Max. Surge Current

    200 times of rated current

    Dielectric Loss

    ≤0.2 Watt / Kvar

    Voltage Test

    Between terminals: 2.15 Un for 10 seconds.

    Between terminals to container:  3000VAC for 10 seconds

    Safety System

    Self protection device

    Case Material

    Rust-Proof tinplate


    Indoor, minimum distance between units  : 50mm

    Max Inrush current

    Rated current x200


    Metallic polyprorylene film with self mechanism



    Working conditions:

     1.Power capacitor should confirm left voltage reduce to rated voltage 10% to input again after the power was cut off ,normally it will need 200s almost. so it would choose the power controller which has input and reput lock time function after cut off the power. If choose normally power controller, it must install speediness discharge power equipment .it would not limited which use adopting same electric factor input and chip switch.

    2. Altitude level is not more than 2000m.

    3. Temperature type: -25/C low temperature, highest temperature is C type (it would not more than 50 the average of temperature is not more than 40 within 24 hours, one year average of temperature is not more than 30 ),power capacitor will work within good ventilate condition. It would not permit within sealing and installation condition


    1. Low loss, good self-healing performance, low temperature rise, longer life;

    2. Adopted the most advanced manufacturing process, enhance dielectric resistance, lowest capacity loss, maintain excellent and stable electrical performance althought move in a long time;

    3. Heat dispersion is superior to other materials;

    4. Brass bolt terminal design in reason, avoid short-circuit, terminal lead connection is well;

    5. Leakproof structure, build-in security protector, a unique sequential protection system ensure safety of using;

    6. Build-in discharge resistor, voltage will drop below 50v within 3min after power off;

    7. Dry model


    Type Rated voltage Rated capacitance Static capacitance Rated current Dimension(mm) Pattem
    (KV) (Kvar) (uF) (A) A*B*H/a*b
    BKMJ0.25KV series
    BKMJ0.25-5-3 0.25 5 255 11.5 272*74*320/247 A
    BKMJ0.25-10-3 10 510 23.1 272*74*320/247
    BKMJ0.25-15-3 15 764 34.6 345*112*310/315 A
    BKMJ0.415KV series
    BKMJ0.415-5-1 0.415 5 93 12 Φ60*180/M12*247 B
    BKMJ0.415-15-3 15 278 20.9 250*67*285/225 A
    BKMJ0.415-30-3 30 555 41.7 345*112*310/315 A
    BKMJ0.45KV series
    BKMJ0.45-5-1 0.45 5 79 11.1 Φ60*180/M12*247 B
    BKMJ0.45-15-3 15 236 19.2 250*67*285/225 A
    BKMJ0.45-30-3 30 471 38.5 345*112*310/315 A
    BKMJ0.4KV series
    BKMJ0.4-5-1 0.4 5 100 12.5 Φ60*180/M12*247 B
    BKMJ0.525KV series
    BKMJ0.525-10-3 0.525 10 116 11 250*67*285/225 B
    BKMJ0.525-20-3 20 232 22 345*112*285/315 A
    BKMJ0.525-30-3 30 347 33 386*128*310/358 A
    Special requirement can be made at the request of customers.      



     Power Factor Correction Capaictors (PFCC)  PDF
     PDF                  Type  
                        Cylindrical  film capacitor
                        Square film capacitor  Type1
                        Square film capacitor  Type2
                        Oval  film capacitor

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