CBB60 Air Conditioner Cylindrical Motor Start Run Capacitor

Rated voltage:450VAC,370VAC,300VAC,250VAC(V)
Rated frequency:50Hz/60Hz(hz)
Dielectric strength:(V)
The power consumption:(W)
Product certification:UL, TUV, CE

  • CBB60 Motor run capacitors features:
    *Non induction winding structure of metallic polypropylene membrane.
    *It is small in bulk, has long life-span and good self-healing characteristic.
    *High insulating resistance, little temperature changing inside, excellent stability of capacitance.
    *Non-toxic and non-leaking, profit environmental protection.
    CBB60 Usages:
    *Suitable for starting and operating 50Hz (60Hz) AC single-phase electromotor.
    *Widely used as the start-up and running capacitor that is special for micro water pump, cleaning machine, washing machine, and single-phase household electrical appliances.
    CBB60 Motor run capacitor alternate design includes the followings:
    *Use round plastic shell, and insulation sealed bid for sealing, plastic lid for sealing or resin for sealing.
    *Flat bottom or fixing stud M8*12
    *Fasten terminals,Lug,Wire,cable.
    *Plastic can,ABS,PC.
    CBB60 Motor run capacitor specification
    Capacitance range:            1-100mfd
    Capacitance tolerance:      ±5%,±10%
    Rated Alternate Voltage:     450VAC, 370VAC, 300VAC, 250VAC
    Rated frequency:                  50/60Hz
    Operating temp:                   40/85/21
    Insulation Resistance:       T-T≥3000MΩ.μf(20℃.100VDC)
    Dissipation Factor:              Tanδ≤0.002(100Hz, 20℃)
    Approvals                               UL, TUV, CE
    Endurance Voltage:             Between the electrodes: 2.0Un2S
                                                     Between the electrode and the shell: 2000vac 2S


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